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The right bike for the kind of riding you want to do makes all the difference.
Choosing a Bike to Convert
First of all, do you have a bike? If you have one that you are certain is perfect for your e-bike conversion then skip to the article on choosing the best motor and battery. If you don't have a bike or you do but want to make sure you are starting with the right kind of bike then this article is for you.  A few questions to think about are: What kind of riding would you like to do? Trails mostly or just occasionally? Are you mostly thinking you want to ride around the neighborhood and maybe down to the store? Do you ride for exercise, enjoyment or to actually get somewhere or accomplish something? Do you want to ride to work with your ebike as primary or occasional commute transportation?  Do you need to haul kids or heavy and bulky loads? 

There is a bike designed for almost any need and riding style. There are even options to replace the car and carry lots of cargo. Some end up with different bikes for different purposes.  Let's consider some of the kinds of bikes and things to think about to make sure the bike you choose to electrify is the one that is sure to beckon to you every day from the garage.

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  • Pete Nixon

    This is a nicely written article about choosing the right bike for its purpose. My wife and I own hybrid bikes that we bought years ago when our riding was different from what we now do as we age. I’m just curious how you would classify a hybrid? I think for our use here in Summit County on roads and trails, these bikes, properly electrified and modified for a more upright riding position, might serve us well for another few years.
    Electrify Bike replied:
    The interpretation of what a “hybrid” means varies across manufacturers. If the upright riding style you describe is more upright than a mountain bike, it is headed into city bike territory. Hybrids are also popular commuter bikes, more comfortable than road bikes and faster than mountain bikes. They are an excellent choice for an electric conversion. For an even more upright and comfortable ride we often upgrade the saddle and raise the bars with your choice of steering tube riser, a stem riser, or riser bars.

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