When you convert your bike to an e-bike and have a battery that is big enough to light a flashlight for a month, it is natural to want your bike lights to run off of that battery so you never need to worry about changing or charging the batteries in your lights.

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, it is not as easy as you would expect.  Let's start with the simplest solution.  Both the TSDZ2 motors and Bafang mid-drive motors sold by Electrify Bike Co. have a way to hook lights up directly to the motor and turn them on and off from the display on the handle bars.  Yes, that sounds both easy and great.  However, the motor only puts out 6v at half an amp for the lights and that is not enough for what most people would want for e-bike lights.  That is enough light to be seen by cars but not enough to light up your path if you are moving very fast.  If all you want is to be seen by cars and beam a flashlights worth of light then we do sell lights for this solution.  A complete plug and play head and tail light kit for TSDZ2 can be found in our accessories section.

This has brought us to recommend and for many of our customers to prefer standard bicycle headlights that use replaceable or rechargable batteries.  Of course this is not ideal for an e-bike.

​After many years of searching for and trying to invent a solution that supports powerful lights, that uses the e-bike battery, and is easy to install, we have finally hit on what we think is the ultimate solution for e-bike lights - specifically for e-bike conversions.  Partnering with another e-bike conversion company we are able to offer a new version of our Roxim headlights, coupled with a choice of taillight that fits a variety of mount options.  These lights run off the battery at the full voltage of whatever your battery is from 24v to 90v and has enough amps to light a powerful light.  No splicing into your ebike power wiring is required.  It is plug and play with Bafang mid-drives and the TSDZ2 mid-drives that we sell.  Both the headlight and tail-light can be switched on and off from the headlight.

Roxim Headlights
This is actually somewhat of the holy grail of e-bike conversion light systems.  Many, including Electrify Bike Co., have rigged relays to the 6 volt under-powered wires on the motor that switch on higher power coming directly from the battery that then went to a dc to dc converter supplying the correct voltage for the light.  These attempts were labor intensive, unreliable and costly.  Now we are pleased to offer a very nice powerful headlight with choice of taillights that does it all, has a great price, and installs in minutes. 

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