Bafang BBSHD 1000W Motor Kit

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Powerful, fast and quiet Bafang BBSHD / BBS03 mid-drive motor. This motor is rated at *1000 watts but puts out over 1500 watts peak when asked and does it more quietly than any ebike on the market. At 160nm this motor has twice the torque of other mid-drive motors. Comes in multiple bottom bracket widths for regular bikes and newer mountain bikes and fat tire bikes.

​*Off-road only. Can also be programmed for street legal 750 watts.

INCLUDED STANDARD ($186.00 Value):

  • 500S Display ($65.00 )
  • 46T Chain Ring ($30.00)
  • Crank Arms ($30.00)
  • Mechanical Lever Brake Cutoffs ($20.00)
  • Universal Thumb Throttle ($15.00)
  • Electrify Bike Optimized Programming ($30.00)
  • Power Extension Cable ($6.00)

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Powerful, fast and quiet Bafang mid-drive motor. This motor is rated at *1000 watts but puts out 1620 watts peak when asked and does it more quietly than any ebike on the market. With 160 nm of torque, it rivals small motorcycles and even cars in power. It is the best electric bike kit for off-road, single-track, and hilly rides around the city.

​Nothing beats the hill climbing, wheelie-popping direct power of the BBSHD mid drive. To tame the torque for shifting we recommend the ‘Gear Sensor’ option or you will wear out drive train components fast. The Gear Sensor system is easy to install and momentarily inhibits the power from the motor for just long enough to shift the gears.

Be sure and add either the 52v 14ah Super-Shark battery or the 52v 17ah Jumbo-Shark battery for the best battery powered bike kit.

If the bottom bracket on your bike is not the JIS/BSA threaded type you may need an adapter before the motor will fit. Click here for more information. Email or call us and we will be happy to check your model for compatibility and let you know if adapters are required.

​Manuals and more info here.

  1. Voltage: 48/52V
  2. Integrated Controller: 28amp
  3. Max Voltage: 58.8V
  4. Motor Weight: 12.7lbs/5.8kgs
  5. BB (bottom bracket) sizes: 68mm (also fits 73mm), 100mm (also fits 83 to 93mm BB) and 120mm
  6. Large full color LED Display with speed, battery level, real-time power (watts), ambient temperature, and Assist
  7. Waterproof Grade: IP65
  8. Throttle and Pedal Assist Modes
  9. 5-9 Levels of Pedal Assist
  10. Control lights directly from the Bafang Display
  • 1000W BBSHD Bafang mid-drive motor with 30A integrated controller.
  • Set of right and left crank arms
  • Upgraded to DPC-14/850C vertical color display.
  • Waterproof interconnecting main wire harness.
  • Universal thumb throttle. May be changed to right half twist throttle.
  • Pair of mechanical brake levers for electric shutoff May be upgraded to magnetic brake sensors (required for hydraulic brakes) or mechanical brake sensor (easier to install than magnetic)
  • Speedometer Sensor + Magnet
  • 46t steel chainring. May be upgraded to Lekkie or Precialps narrow/wide 7075 T6 chainring
  • Installation and mounting hardware: fixing plate, 5 M5*10 bolts, 2 M6*12 bolts, 2 M33 bolts, 5 ST 3.9 screws


Headlight for BBSHD, BBS02 & TSDZ2 motors

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Taillight for BBSHD, BBS02 & TSDZ2 motors

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Roxim X4EB Light Set

Roxim X4EB 6-90v headlight and taillight

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BV Classic Bike Strap-On Saddle Bag - Large / Seat Bag

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Gear Sensor for BBS02 / BBSHD

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Roxim R1E 6-90v Taillight

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Delta Smartphone Xmount Pro

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APT Display Bootloader

Sold out

Headlight & taillight on/off from the BBSHD Display!!!

All mid-drive motors sold by Electrify Bike Co. come with 2 extra wires from the controller. These provide 6v for lights. We have a range of lights that take advantage of this.