36v 30amp 10.5Ah Samsung Lithium E-bike Battery

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36V 10.5AH Ah Mini-Cube Ebike Battery with genuine high power Samsung 35E Cells, 25 amp. This battery is ultra-light (3.5lbs), ultra-compact 7.6cm x 7cm x 17cm (h,w,l), and ultra-powerful. Cranks out a full 25 amps in a tiny package. In normal usage 250-750 watts, this battery has the capacity to go 25+ miles. Impressive.

The cells in this battery are the high-quality Samsung 1865030Q high-power 3000mah cells. Electrify Bike Co. inspects and certifies that these are genuine Samsung cells.

90% of e-bike trips are less than 10 miles. So why lug an extra 5-10 pounds 90% of the time when you don't need it. For the other 10% or when you need more range take along a spare!

These mini-cube batteries are also great for spare tanks for a large battery. If you ever worry that you may not have enough juice to get you to your destination or back home, take one of these along to extend your range or just give you peace of mind.


Voltage: 36v

Power: 25 amps

Charge voltage: 42v

Size: 7.6cm x 7cm x 17cm (h,w,l)

​Weight: 3.5lbs

Power Connector: Anderson Powerpole

Charge Connector: XT60 female

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