36v/72v Ligo Batteries for Airline Travel- 2 Pack

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FLY!!! Yes, fly with your electric bike!!!! Finally!!! You can take an electric bike on an airline trip with you and fly to your destination. These 36v/72v Ligo batteries from Gin Technologies are legal to fly with and are ganged together to provide as much power and range as you need. You can now take almost any size battery with you on a flight to power your electric bike. Thanks Grin!

How is that possible? Grin Technologies in Canada is manufacturing a 36v 10amp 98 watt hour lithium battery that just squeaks under the 100 watt hour FAA limit. You can use these batteries individually or hook them together when you get to your destination for a bigger battery that will easily take you 20 to 40 miles on a charge. For practical purposes you will want to have at least 2 of these Ligo batteries hooked together. That is why we sell it in a 2-pack. You can buy extra packs and swap them out when they get low or hook them all together and go twice as far on a single charge.

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