Lekkie Buzz Bars - Custom Bafang Cranks

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Lekkie Buzz Bar Cranks are rigid, strong, precise

Lekkie brings salvation to Bafang riders with the BUZZBARS pedal cranks.

Precision CNC cut from 6061 heat treated aluminium to bring ultimate stiffness and confidence

to your ride.

Designed using optimisation software to ensure maximum strength with minimum weight

achieving twice the strength of the stock Bafang cranks.

Lekkie’s V2 Self Extractor makes replacement of chain rings and for motor servicing quick

and easy.

These cranks keep the ideal Q-factor for Bafang mid-drive motors by adding 18mm offset to left crank, 0 offset on right crank.

below to help choose the cranks set that best suits your bike.

Designed in New Zealand in true Lekkie style to be the premium choice!

Compatible Bafang BBS01/BBS02/BBSHD/

Material CNC 6061 T6 Alloy

Finish Anodised Black or Silver

Length 170mm, 160mm

Offset 0mm, 18mm

Drive Square Taper

Weight 480gm (160mm pair)

510gm (170mm pair)

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