Bafang BBS02 750W Motor Kit

Bafang BBS02

Bafang makes the BBS01/02 motor in a 250-watt, 350-watt, and 500-watt mid-drive configuration, but at Electrify Bike Co., we only carry the BBS02 750-watt. Why is that? The 250-watt and 350-watt motors are primarily for countries with e-bike laws limiting the maximum watts to those wattages. In the USA, the e-bike watt limit is 750 watts, so the Bafang BBS02 kit is perfect. For some bikes, customers, and riding conditions where less power is desirable, the 500-watt motor makes more sense. But the 500-watt motor is the same price as the 750-watt motor, and we can configure the 750-watt motor to be a 500-watt motor when needed. A 750-watt motor can become a 500-watt motor when 750 watts is too powerful for the bike or the rider. A 750-watt motor will also last longer when run at the lower wattage.

The BBS02 only comes in a single bottom bracket size. It fits threaded bottom brackets that are 68mm and 73mm wide. If you have a press-fit bottom bracket of this width, we have adapters that can convert your bottom bracket to the threaded standard so the BBS02 can fit. With the new Lekkie adapter, you can also install it on BB86/92. If you have a wider 100mm or 120mm fat bike bottom bracket, you need to use either the Bafang BBSHD or CYC X1 Pro, or X1 Stealth.

The BBS02 is our go-to Bafang mid-drive kit for most bikes and customers. Quiet and powerful, the BBS02 cranks out 120Nm of torque. Compare that to most high-end factory e-bikes with mid-drive motors having torques topping out at 65Nm to 80Nm. It is affordable and fits almost all older bikes and newer bikes that don’t have a wider bottom bracket. It can now fit BB86 and BB92 bottom brackets with the introduction of Lekkie’s new BB86/92 adapter for BBSxx.

More Info - "Choosing a DIY Conversion Mid-drive Motor"

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Powerful, fast and quiet Bafang BBS02B street legal mid-drive motor. This motor is rated at 750 watts but puts out 1470 watts peak when asked and does it more quietly than any ebike on the market. With 120 Nm of torque, it has 50% more torque and 100% more power than the motors currently sold in factory ebikes.

INCLUDED STANDARD ($186.00 Value):

  • 500S Display ($65.00 )
  • 44T Chain Ring ($30.00)
  • Crank Arms ($30.00)
  • Mechanical Lever Brake Cutoffs ($20.00)
  • Universal Thumb Throttle ($15.00)
  • Electrify Bike Optimized Programming ($30.00)
  • Power Extension Cable ($6.00)

For lights powered from the main battery, you may want to consider the CYC or EBC high-power light sets. They both have a handlebar mounted switch to turn the headlight on and off. The CYC headlights have two separate lights that each mount directly on the handlebars. The EBC Headlight includes low-beam with horizon cutoff, high-beam, and running lights and mounts on the front stem bolts freeing up handlebar space and not interfering with the ebike display. Both lights are brighter than most car headlights.

For a great 1x drivetrain, the ebike-rated Box Two and Box Three drivetrains are durable and affordable. Under motor power, you may still wear out the higher (smaller) gears on the rear sprocket. Fortunately, Electrify Bike Co. has arranged with Box to sell these as a set of 4 sprockets for just $20, so you can change them out when they start to slip.

Currently out of stock. Pre-orders being taken now for shipments March 24, 2023.

Let one of our experts help plan your conversion kit.

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Powerful, fast and quiet Bafang BBS02 street legal mid-drive motor. This motor is rated at 750 watts but puts out 1470 watts peak when asked and does it more quietly than any ebike motor on the market. With 120 nm of torque, it has more power than any of the motors currently sold in factory ebikes.

​Nothing beats the hill climbing capability of the BBS02B mid drive in a lighter weight and less expensive package. This is the new improved BBS02 version B with upgraded controller MOSFETs to handle all of the power without overheating. Our customers love this motor. Should you get the BBSHD instead? The BBSHD has more reserve power that you will feel with heavy loads or steep hills but is bigger, 3.5lbs heavier, and costs more.

Be sure and add either the 52v 14ah Super-Shark battery or the 52v 17ah Jumbo-Shark battery for the best battery powered bike kit.

If the bottom bracket on your bike is not the JIS/BSA threaded type you may need an adapter before the motor will fit. Click here for more information. Email or call us and we will be happy to check your model for compatibility and let you know if adapters are required.

​Manuals and more info here.

  1. Voltage: 48/52V
  2. Integrated Controller: 25amp
  3. Max Voltage: 58.8V
  4. Motor Weight: 9.2lbs
  5. BB (bottom bracket) size: 68mm (also fits 73mm)
  6. 961/965 LCD Display with speed, battery level, real-time power (watts), ambient temperature, and Assist. Optional full color LED Display.
  7. Waterproof Grade: IP65
  8. Throttle and Pedal Assist Modes
  9. 5-9 Levels of Pedal Assist


Headlight for BBSHD, BBS02 & TSDZ2 motors

Sold out


Taillight for BBSHD, BBS02 & TSDZ2 motors

Sold out


Roxim R1E 6-90v Taillight

Sold out


BV Classic Bike Strap-On Saddle Bag - Large / Seat Bag

Sold out


Gear Sensor for BBS02 / BBSHD

Sold out

Roxim light set

Roxim X4EB 6-90v headlight and taillight

Sold out



Sold out


Delta Smartphone Xmount Pro

Sold out


APT Display Bootloader

Sold out

Brake Cutoff Sensor

Brake Cutoff - Mechanical sensor (HWBS hidden wire type)

Sold out

Headlight & taillight on/off from the BBSHD Display!!!

All mid-drive motors sold by Electrify Bike Co. come with 2 extra wires from the controller. These provide 6v for lights. We have a range of lights that take advantage of this.