52v 300W Super Charger 80/90/100% - 1-5 AMP Lithium-Ion Battery

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52v 300W Super Charger 80/90/100% - 1-5 AMP Lithium-Ion Battery

Simply the best charger available for Lithium-Ion batteries. With this charger, you can select both the charge limit and power output for your batteries. This allows you to both protect the battery's charge cycles by keeping it within safe ranges (80/90/100%) and to trickle charge or speed charge depending on your needs.

The charger has display indicators for the current volts of the battery that updates live while charging, and also shows the number of output Amps selected as well.


  • 90~264VAC Universal AC input
  • Charge voltage 58.8v for 52v (14S) lithium-ion batteries
  • AC Plug: USA
  • ​DC Charge connector: XT60 with optional adapters for different battery charge ports
  • Charge Limit: Selectable 80/90/100%
  • ​Power Output: Selectable 1-5 amps
  • Protection function: Overload / Over voltage / Over temperature / Over current / Reverse polarity
  • Power on/off switch

The instruction manual is found here.

For more info on extending battery life click here.

Comes with one free adapter of your choice. Additional adapters must be purchased separately.

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