XT60 Charger Adapters

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charge port type on battery

Electrify Bike's Chargers all come with XT60 male connectors and are supplied with adapters for the various kinds of charge ports on the batteries we sell.  These are common battery charge port types that are used on many batteries from other suppliers.  The adapter plugs into a male XT60 connector on the charger charge cable. The mating XT60 connector on the adapter is female.

The Mini 3-pin connector is found on all of our new Shark batteries that use Reention cases.  This is a Reention mini-3pin (PLA0271) and is a very secure and rugged connector that is rated for 10 amps.

Please see the image for the pinout of the XLR adapter.  This is the most common XLR 3-pin pinout but there are others so make sure.

The 5.5mm barrel connector is found on a lot of older batteries and is still in use.  This adapter is the 5.5mm 2.5mm pin type.

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