Electrify Your Madsen Bike Kit (TSDZ2)

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(Also available with 750-1000 Watt Bafang Mid-drives. Click here.)

750 watt torque sensing mid-drive motor with 52v 728 watt hour battery. What does that mean? It means the motor is the maximum power US law allows, it senses the effort you are putting into pedaling and magnifies it. Mid-drive motors are located down by the pedals so the weight is low and centered on the bike. Unlike hub motors, mid motors get to use all of the gears you do so they can go fast in high gears and have power for climbing in low gears. The battery is high capacity and will take this heavy bike 30+ miles. If your ride includes hills or you just want to go further faster the Madsen is a great bike to electrify and this motor and battery combination are unsurpassed.

Instructions to electrify your Madsen are included. All parts needed to electrify your Madsen are included. Wires and cables are designed to fit your Madsen bike. This kit includes special tools to take off the bottom bracket and install the motor. Other common tools also required but not included.

Upgrades available:

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