TSDZ2 OSF Upgrade Motor Kit 250-750W

TSDZ2B with OSF Upgrade

Those drawn to the TSDZ2 usually come to it by searching “torque sensing mid-drive motor.” Until the CYC line of mid-drive motors came out, the TSDZ2 was the only game in town for torque sensing, which is its primary advantage over the Bafang mid-drive motors. With torque-sensing, the motor not only senses that you are pedaling but also senses how hard you are pedaling and can respond accordingly. It can feel very natural to have the ebike respond by magnifying your effort with motor power and not just put out a constant amount of power whenever you are pedaling as the Bafang motors do,

The TSDZ2 is also lighter than the BBS02. If you are trying to respect a lightweight bike and keep your electric conversion’s weight to a minimum, the TSDZ2 will help.

The TSDZ2 also comes in a coaster brake version. If you have a coaster brake bike, this is the only game in town. No other mid-drive or rear hub motors can work with a coaster brake. You could put a front hub motor on a coaster brake bike, but front hubs have their own issues. The TSDZ2 coaster brake motor opens up a lot of fun bikes to the possibility of an even more fun ebike.  

One of the best-kept secrets regarding the TSDZ2 is the Open Source Firmware (OSF). Electrify Bike Co. collaborated with some excellent European engineers to replace the firmware in the TSDZ2 to accommodate many different bikes and riding styles. OSF replaces the factory firmware and extensively customizes how the motor responds. Those that like to fiddle and fine-tune the performance have a vast array of options with this firmware.

OSF performs very well right out of the box. Still, suppose you want to make adjustments like changing the power performance on each level or increasing the torque sensitivity. In that case, OSF gives you many configuration options to make it exactly how you want it.

The latest version of OSF also works well with the coaster brake version of the TSDZ2. It works much better than the stock firmware. As a result, we have decided only to sell the TSDZ2 with OSF. Eliminating the stock firmware streamlines our product offering and allows us to provide consistent support to all of our TSDZ2 customers.

Sold out

NOTE: EBC has been experiencing reliability issues with TSDZ2B and OSF so we have temporarily stopped selling it until the issues are resolved. Please take a look at the CYC Photon motor. Like the TSDZ2, it has torque sensing and is very light weight. However, it is better engineered, more powerful. Riders with experience with a lot of mid-drive motors say it is better than Bafang or Bosch on any bike or recumbent bike or trike. Please have a look.

This motor is flashed with the flexible Open Source Firmware (OSF) for TSDZ2B. This firmware is highly programmable and gives complete control over the performance of the TSDZ2 motor.

We are currently flashing TSDZ2B OSF v20.1C.4-1. This is the most stable and reliable version based upon frequent testing. Click here for a complete features and configuration guide.

Click here to watch a TSDZ2 OSF Configuration Video

​* This TSDZ2 kit is an after market firmware upgrade and is sold without manufacturer warranty. However, Electrify Bike Co. will work with you to resolve any problems or issues that may arise.a

Available for shipping or in-store pickup

Let one of our experts help plan your conversion kit.

  • Makes it possible to use a more advanced display with the TSDZ2 like the Bafang 860C color LCD.
  • Uses more sophisticated FOC algorithms allowing the TSDZ2 motor to run much more efficiently, making it more powerful while using less battery energy. The ebike will also be more responsive, fast and agile.
  • Display shows more advanced information like battery voltage, rider pedal power in watts, motor temperature, cadence, trip time and distance.
  • All options configurable directly on the Display!! No programming cable required to make changes.
  • Up to 19 assist levels configurable as a multiple of rider effort.
  • Up to 9 boost levels to add extra power when starting and/or resuming pedaling. (Ideal for starting on hills and for hand cycles and riders with less strength)
  • Multiple levels of walk assist for extra assist power on hills or with heavy loads or headwinds.
  • Cruise control will maintain speed or accelerate to a preset speed.
  • Allows use of batteries from 24 to 60 volts and allows batteries of different voltages to be changed on the fly.
  • Detailed battery information including watts consumed since last charge and current state of charge.
  • Street legal and off-road modes for countries with restrictions. (This motor is legal at all levels in the USA)

  • Distance data, i.e. trip distance, distance since power on and odometer
  • Battery state of charge, i.e. watt-hours consumed or percentage of state of charge
  • Battery state, i.e. voltage and current
  • Pedal data, i.e. rider pedal power, pedal cadence or pedal torque
  • Energy data, i.e. average consumed power since power on
  • Time measurement, i.e. TM or TTM
  • Speed, i.e. current speed, average speed or peak speed
  • Motor temperature (requires temperature sensor installed)
  • Target speed in which the cruise function will try to maintain (set by rider)
  • Power limit and real-time power limit adjustment while riding
  • Motor temperature
  • Battery state of charge in percent
  • Instantaneous voltage on battery
  • Instantaneous current drawn from battery
  • Pedal cadence
  • Average wheel speed since power on

Thanks to the TSDZ2 Open Source Firmware developers:
The developers of the TSDZ2 Open Source Firmware are talented engineers. They developed this TSDZ2 OSF Upgrade with a huge investment of their time as a public service to promote ebike use and environmentally friendly transportation.

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