Electrify Bike Company believes there is a great bike possible for everyone. We factor in your budget, bikes you already own, riding style, exercise needs or limitations, terrain you ride on and what you like. To get the electric bike components that are best for you, we need to ask a few questions in the form below. If you want to read up on what its all about first, you can check out our Ebike Conversion 101 guide. Feel free to call us directly with any questions.

​If you live in Utah or will be visiting Utah or just want to send us your bike using www.shipbike.com, Electrify Bike Co can not only provide you with the parts but we can do the complete conversion for you. We are pretty good. Our conversions come out looking very clean and as close to a factory e-bike as possible. We charge ~$300 for most conversions.

Call if you have questions or to discuss options: 801-997-0550

Conversion Questionnaire