Anderson Powerpole 15, 30, 45 Amp Connectors

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contact size (amp rating)
housing color
Flat self-wiping action cleans contact surfaces during connection/disconnection.
Interchangeable Genderless design
Allows for minimal contact resistance at high current, wiping action cleans contact surface during disconnection.
Prevents damage to connectors from being mated incorrectly. Polarized housings - when mated can be plugged in safely in the dark
UL94 V-0 housing material

Beware knock offs:
Anderson connectors are awesome. They sometimes get a bad rap because almost all ebike stuff coming out of china with "Anderson Connectors" is using cheap knock offs rather than original product and is the reason some e-bikers relate bad experiences to the connector. You can identify the authentic plugs because they have a capital 'A' on the end.

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