Box Three Prime 9 X-Wide E-Bike Groupset

Box Three Prime 9 X-Wide E-Bike Groupset

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Our Box Three tier is for those people who know less can be more, and surely 12-50T is plenty of range for an 9-speed cassette. This derailleur still has the Limited Slip clutch. The custom 9-speed chain is built for abuse, although it's sophisticated enough to hold onto a wide/narrow chainring. Push through fewer gears with a no-nonsense shifter. This combo will transport you to 1 by territory for less than $200.

  • 9 speeds is more robust
  • Easy to use Twin Lever Shifter actuation
  • Low maintenance derailleur
  • High durability cassette and chain

With the trend to 10, 11, 12 and now even 13 speed cassettes, the gears and chains are getting thinner and more fragile. With a mid-drive motor you need fewer gears but more strength in drive train components. This is something Box noticed and did something about. Depending on the mid-drive motor, you can be putting between two and over ten times the typical human power through the drive train. By taking a step back to 9 speeds, Box was able to beef up the drive-train to withstand these magnified ebike power levels. This 9-speed drive-train comes with a single-shifter. For e-bike use it is recommended to shift only one gear at a time which is the way this shifter is built. The Box Three 9 speed is beefier and more robust than 10, 11, 12 speed drive trains that cost a lot more.

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