KT-LCD3 for TSDZ2 Open Source Firmware (OSF) Upgrade

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The KT-LCD3 display is the best display for high visibility in the daylight. It does not wash out in direct sun and is easy to read from all viewing angles. This is not the case with color displays. The KT-LCD3 is well laid out with key data in each section. This display is for those that value function over form. If large characters that are clearly legible in direct sun and all viewing conditions is the most important thing for you then this is the display you should choose.

The KT-LCD3 is pre-wired with 5-pin green female higo connector to work with same harness as 850C color display on TSDZ2 with OSF. The optional Bafang 1 To 4 Cables below allow use of all of the bafang throttles and brake cutoff sensors with this display. These are all selectable for inclusion with the KT-LCD3 display.The harnesses available below are also compatible with the stock 850C color display and will be plug and play when the SW102 open source firmware is ready on that display.

The KT-LCD3 and the custom female 1to4 cable are custom made at the factory as specified by Electrify Bike Co. to work with the FOS firmware. There are no splices on any of the cables.

This KT-LCD3 display has the stock KT firmware in it but is ready to flash with the FOS Firmware. You can do this following the instructions on github or you can have us do it for a small fee. Select which you want below.

If you purchased a KT-LCD3 display somewhere else it is not compatible with the bafang style 1to4 cables available on this page. It is also not compatible with the 850C if you want to upgrade. You can splice a female 5 pin green connector onto it (drop us a note for pinout) oryou can follow the directions to interface it to an alternate non-Bafang type 1to4 cable provided by Tomtom50 on Endless Sphere.

We are currently installing TSDZ2 OSF Upgrade version 0.19.0. Click here fo a complete user manual and configuration guide.

All other Electrify Bike Co. TSDZ2 OSF Upgrade products can be found here.

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Tariff harmonization code: 850300 (ebike motor controller & display)

Thanks to the Open Source Firmware Upgrade developers:

The developers of the TSDZ2 OSF Upgrade are talented engineers. They developed this TSDZ2 augmenting firmware with a huge investment of their time as a public service to promote ebike use and environmentally friendly transportation. To say thanks and to help defray the cost of fried controllers, displays and other things they bought out of their own pocket, Electrify Bike Co. will make a donation to them equal to 10% of the sale of this product.

See information about which 1 to 4 display harness to use below.

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