TRP G-Spec e-MTB : The Best E-Bike Hydraulic Brake Set
TRP G-Spec e-MTB : The Best E-Bike Hydraulic Brake Set
TRP G-Spec e-MTB : The Best E-Bike Hydraulic Brake Set

TRP G-Spec e-MTB : The Best E-Bike Hydraulic Brake Set

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This brake has been upgraded to the HDEU-831.

TRP G-Spec e-MTB hydraulic disc brake w/ E-bike motor cut-off. Not just a set of cutoff wires added to an existing brake, TRP designed all parts of the G-Spec e-MTB to withstand the rigors of more power, speed and weight found in todays e-MTB's. The all-new G-Spec e-MTB creates a brake system for the specific needs of modern electric mountain bikes. With the added weight and speed these bikes will typically generate more heat than a typical mountain bike. The new e-MTB system combines the latest technology in braking with existing technology developed on the World Cup Downhill race circuit. The result is not a rebranded downhill brake rather a system that will meet the unique needs of today’s electric mountain bikes.

Overall rotor thickness was increased from 1.8mm to 2.3mm which decreases the operating heat of the brake system by 8% and reduces rotor warping(lateral deformation) by 15%. This means with the new 2.3mm thick rotors rider won’t be glazing pads or overheat under the added stress of an electric mountain bike as they would with other brake systems. Electrify Bike Company includes the new premium 2.3mm two-piece slotted rotor with these brakes. 203mm front and 180mm rear.

When designing the 2.3mm specific caliper, material was added to key areas increasing overall stiffness and heat management. This new caliper also received an open top design allowing pads to be inspected or changed without requiring riders to lift a heavy e-MTB to remove the wheel.

The G-Spec e-MTB was topped off with new lever body design to shave weight. However, the renowned Aaron Gwin designed lever blade ensures TRP’s signature modulation would remain unchanged.

Adapters, other rotor sizes, and centerlock available. Email or call.


  • 2.3mm Rotor Specific 4 Piston Caliper Design
  • Ergonomic Aaron Gwin Designed Lever Blade
  • Lightweight Hybrid Pistons
  • Top Loading Pad Design
  • Sintered Full Metallic Pads
  • I-spec II Compatible Hinge Clamp Design
  • SRAM Matchmaker compatible with HD 3.5 Adapter
  • Premium 2.3mm two-piece slotted rotor (203mm front, 180mm rear) included.
  • Weight: 326g (Front)
  • LH Front 1000mm hose.
  • RH Rear 1800mm hose.


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