TSDZ2 350W Motor Kit w/Coaster Brake Support

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Full 1 year parts USA warranty!!!

Torque sensing TSDZ2 36v 350W w/coaster brake mid-drive motor. Feels natural but like you have superpowers. Really! With 80 Nm of torque this motor cranks out a lot of power with the same high-end feel of having the power multiply the effort applied to the pedals.

This model will not freewheel while pedaling in reverse. This feature is a unique TSDZ2 option not found on any other e-bike mid-drive motor. It allows this motor to work with a coaster brake. This motor also works with regular non-coaster brake bikes with both derailleurs and internal gear hubs. Throttles are not available on coaster brake motors for safety reasons. Also, walk-assist is disabled for safety reasons.

This motor is compatible with up to 52V batteries upon request using OSF Upgrade Firmware. If you are interested, please request this + settings information at checkout. Message us with any questions via chat or facebook as well.

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  • Torque sensing mid-drive motor. This motor gives you more power than factory bikes but with the same high-end feel of having the power match the effort applied to the pedals.
    • Fits 95% of standard bike frames with 68-73mm bottom bracket
    • Built-in freewheel that locks when pedaled in reverse to engage chain for coaster brake stopping.
    • Built in torque and cadence sensor - yields more natural riding experience than mid-drives with just cadence sensor.
    • Easy to install. Kit includes all installation hardware and tools
    • No throttle - pure torque sensing pedal assist feels like you have natural superpowers
    • 80 Nm of torque is over twice as much as a comparable powered hub motor and can take on any hill or wind you encounter

    Note: If the bottom bracket on your bike is not the JIS/BSA threaded type you may need an adapter before the motor will fit. Click here for more information. Email or call us and we will be happy to check your model for compatibility and let you know if adapters are required.
  • Motor: TSDZ2 torque sensing mid-drive
  • Type: Mid-drive
  • Voltage: 36v (42v charge - Up to 52v batteries upon OSF request)
  • Power: 350W / 500W (peak)
  • ​Max Torque: 80N.m
  • Controller: Integrated
  • Torque sensor: Integrated
  • Assist Ratio: 36%-300%
  • Assist Levels: 4 (Eco - Tour - Speed ​​- Turbo)
  • Bottom Bracket: 68mm
  • Chain Wheel: 42T (other sizes available)
  • Speed Limit: 20mph (with assist)
  • Weight: 7.9lbs (3.6kg)
  • Water & dust resistance: IP54
  • Safety: CE Certification