Bike Rides Near Electrify Bike Company

Click here for a printable map of Electrify Bike Neighborhood Loop

Bingham Creek Trail Ride - 10 minute test ride with a nice hill and short scenic ride up Bingham Creek.

  1. From Electrify Bike Co. go East past Big Lots then left to Walgreens then right behind Walgreens to Naylor Farm Dr. Go right to Winthrope Dr. then left a short distance to Vista West Park.
  2. At the bottom of the hill you will see the Bingham Creek Trail sidewalk. Ride down a steep hill to the sidewalk. This hill is a good place to see how well a mountain bike climbs. (Don't try to go up it with a hub motor)
  3. Continue on the Bingham Creek Trail sidewalk for a short ride to 4000W and make a right back to Electrify Bike Co.


Click here for a printable map of Electrify Bike to Bingham Creek Park

Bingham Creek Trail Ride - 5-mile round trip bike ride from Electrify Bike Co. to Bingham Creek Park.

  1. Proceed to the sidewalk on 4000 W. Stay on the East side of the street.
  2. Make a left on the sidewalk and go South along 4000 W. to the pedestrian crosswalk adjoining Bingham Creek Trail. Cross 4000 W and continue South until you can enter the trail going West.
  3. Follow Bingham Creek Trail Southwest crossing Targhee Dr. and Skye Dr to the tunnel going under 4800 W. 4. Proceed through the tunnel under 4800 S and enter Bingham Creek Park. The park is scheduled to open in the fall of 2022.