Who is this motor for?

This motor is for those who want maximum power on a bike. It opens new territory for high-powered riding in a new space between an ebike and a motorcycle. It provides power approaching dirt bikes in an ebike weighing less than 50 pounds - so cool. This is a new sport.

Although it has dirt bike power available, most riders will still want to ride it in a power range where they are still getting good exercise with the nuanced torque-sensing feeling of a high-end eMTB. However, the power is there to deliver the speed when they want to climb steep terrain fast or ride it like a dirt bike. It has one over on popular electric dirt bikes because the Gen 4 Pro uses the bike's gears for high torque on the steepest climbs and when going fast.

It has two modes available. One mode is for being a street-legal ebike. This mode can be any of the three legal classes of ebikes with power and speed restrictions. The second mode can be set up to deliver all the power and speed this motor can deliver - which is considerable. You can switch between these modes on the fly.


X1 Pro GEN 4 Specs:

  • 5000W continuous power
  • 6500W peak power
  • 280N.m. Peak Torque
  • Compatible - 36V-72V
  • Bottom Bracket Options - 68-83, 92, 100, 120mm
  • Redesigned Motor Core for better thermal performance:
    • 25% longer motor and redesigned motor core
  • Highest power-to-weight ratio: 1.5kW per kg.
  • X12 Controller:
    • Delivers high power on a lightweight bike for more extreme rides
    • Double the capacity of the Gen 3's X6 controller
    • X12 controller is capable of 84V and 120A input
    • 6.5kW of peak power

X1 Pro GEN 4 Upgrades:

  • Better freewheel and torque sensor housing
  • New chainring cover - more durable, requires less hardware allowing easier chaining swaps.
  • Streamlined controller mount
  • Advanced Torque-Sensing Technology
    • Refined pedal-assist experience
  • Instant engagement
  • ISIS-splined torque sensing system

Compatibility with more bike frames

  • X1 Pro fits over 95% of available bike frames in the world, including:
  • Carbon frames
  • ISCG-05 bash guard mounts
  • Mounting motor in the triangle


Installation is the same as Gen 3. See the X1 Pro User Manual​.

CYC RIDE CONTROL APP for X-Series Controllers

The CYC RIDE CONTROL app is the X1 PRO and the X1 Stealth's configuration system. This is where you will customize your experience & monitor your performance.
The app is connected to your controller via Bluetooth & will allow you to set up your system & change parameters according to your preference.

The CYC RIDE CONTROL app allows you to do multiple things:

  1. Set up your desired power output's for 2 different modes
  2. Customize your parameters for pedal assist, throttle performance, & gear preferences
  3. Configure your torque sensor
  4. Monitor your performance
  5. Set up your e-bike battery & peripherals
  6. See warnings & clear errors

This app is needed to set up a few things to get started such as your regions legal limits, your battery voltage, & wheel diameter. You will also need the app to clear any warnings or errors that may occur.

Complete instructions can be found here:

CYC Ride Control App User Guide

CYC X1 Pro Gen 4 Mid-drive Motor Kit

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CYC X1 Pro Gen4

CYC X1 Pro Gen 4 Bottom Bracket Fitment Template

It's here. The next generation of high-powered Ebike motors. Built for those who want maximum power but still value a natural bike ride. A motor that carves a niche between elegance and adrenaline. Ebike and motorcycle. With power approaching a dirt bike on an Ebike weighing less than 50 lbs.

It's nuts. Nimble and powerful. This motor lays the groundwork for a new sport. This is CYC’s new motor. The X1 Pro Gen 4. Ride it how you like. Take it out on a dirt track. Take advantage of the high-end eMTB torque sensing on a technical trail or just around the corner from home.

If you're already familiar with the X1 Pro Gen 3, here's a quick overview:

  • CYC has designed a more durable chainring cover that now directly interfaces with the 104 BCD. It's been streamlined to simplify service.
  • The freewheel and torque sensor assembly has been reinforced and is extremely durable.
  • The X12 controller is easier to service and access compared to its counterpart. It's also capable of 84V and 120A input. 5000w continuous and 6500w peak.
  • The motor is 25% longer and the motor core has been redesigned for optimal heat management and performance.

High-powered battery options:

  • New 72v soft pack batteries (with a special frame mount):
    • Start with one and later add a second battery and our dual battery module to get mind-blowing power of 72v, 120 amps, 20ah, for 8,640 watts and 1,440 watt-hours
    • 72v, 80 amp, 15ah, for 5,760 watts and 1080 watt-hours 3.5x5.4x9 inches
    • 72v, 60 amp, 10ah, for 4,320 watts and 720 watt-hours 2.9x4.1x9 inches
  • High-powered 52v batteries
    • Family of high-power, high-capacity shark batteries that all share the same mount cradle to mix and match for different ranges.
    • Mini-max delivers 50 amps and 520 watt hours for full suspension frames.

The X1 Pro Gen 4 motor preserves a perfect chain line on any bike and tucks high off the ground, even on modern mountain bikes with a curved downtube. Its torque sensing and cadence sensing deliver power at the cadence you choose and sense when you crank up your effort to deliver more power fast.

This motor is extremely versatile, fitting 95% of frame types, including carbon frames. It has two modes available. One mode is for being a street-legal ebike. This mode can be any of the three legal classes of ebikes with power and speed restrictions. The second mode can be set up to deliver all the power and speed this motor can deliver - which is considerable.


  1. Motor-reduction assembly
  2. 219H chainring-reduction assembly
  3. Bicycle chainring with chainring cover
  4. 219H golden KMC chain
  5. ISIS splined bottom bracket & spindle
  6. 165mm/ 175mm crank arm set
  7. Gen 4 torque sensor
  8. X12 controller (5000W)
  9. Built-in bashguard
  10. Waterproof wire harness
  11. Motor hanger
  12. 3, 5, & 7mm spacers for BSA threaded 68/73/83mm version / 2x 2mm spacers for BB92 version
  13. SW102 (up to 52V)/ DS103 Display (up to 72V)
  14. Thumb throttle/ Half-twist throttle/ Full twist throttle
  15. Magnetic speed sensor
  16. Magnetic brake sensors (optional)
  17. User manual (ecopy)

Ebike drivetrain. For a great 1x drivetrain, the ebike-rated Box Two, Box Three, and Box Four drivetrains are durable and affordable. With all this motor's power, you will still wear out the higher (smaller) gears on the rear sprocket. Fortunately, Electrify Bike Co. has arranged with Box to sell these as a set of 4 sprockets for just $15, so you can change them out when they slip.

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