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Pick the best bike for your needs and electrify it.  Whether you want to get outside more, get more exercise or commute to work in the healthiest way possible, Electrify Bike Co. can take the ultimate bike you want or the bike you already own and help you ride further, faster and more often by adding electric power to your pedal power.  
​There are a lot of electric conversion choices depending on what kind of bike you have and what kind of riding you want to do. The good news is, electric bike conversions have become very reliable and inexpensive and Electrify Bike Co. can guide you to the best choice for you and your wallet and then if you'd like, we can also do the conversion for you.  It doesn't take long and the price is very affordable.  Read about how to decide what will be your perfect e-bike here.
Besides being extremely fun, there are three indisputable reasons for getting an electric bike:
 it's good for your health,
It's good for your wallet, and
​it's good for the planet 
you live on.​​


Ride faster and further on a custom ebike.  Quality builds.  Guaranteed.

Electrify Bike Co. opens up another complete ebike option for Utahns that want an electric bike. A pain free custom ebike conversion.  Converting a bike to an electric bike is a great option but it can be confusing and intimidating.  There are a lot of e-bike kits, components and options that can be complex and technically challenging.  Electrify Bike can guide you through all of that.  We can look at the bike you want or own coupled with the kind of riding you want to do and make a recommendation that fits your needs and your budget.  When you are ready we can guide you in your purchases, install the parts and build you an e-bike you will love.

​If you are an adventurous DIYer and want to do the work yourself, we can give you whatever level of guidance you need and be there to bail you out if you get in over your head.  We can then provide repair and support for the years ahead.

With an electric bike you will want to ride further, faster and more often because it's really fun ... and it's good for your health, your wallet and the planet you live on.

In addition to burning less fossils with an Electrify Bike ebike you will join us in our partnership with One Tree Planted to plant trees and support reforestation. More info here.

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