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We want you to love riding your bike. Whether it's a brand new ebike, a bike you've had your eye on, or the one you already love - Pick the best bike for your needs and electrify it! Want to get outside more? Get more exercise? Or commute to work in the healthiest way possible? Electrify Bike Company can help you ride further, faster, and more often by adding electric power to your pedal power. ​ If you would like Electrify Bike's best advice on ebike conversions click here to tell us about your bike and what kind of riding you like to do. To read up on it first, click the "Conversion 101" button below.
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ride with us. we'll make a great team.


eBikes are great for the environment. Additionally, for every ebike or conversion kit sold, Electrify Bike Co. plants 10 trees. Help us leave the planet better for future generations.


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Let's do this together. Chat with our experts via email, phone, or messenger chat. (Bottom-right of your browser)

Flexible Solutions

Road Bike? Fat Tire? Cargo? Trike? Recumbent? Tandem? Hand Cycle? We've got you covered. We have solutions for a myriad of shapes, sizes, and needs. 

Overall Value

We source the highest quality components for your electric bike and offer discounted kits + options your wallet will appreciate.

Industry Notice


Thank you for your patience and kindness during these strange times. The bike industry has seen an overwhelming surge in volume, and demand has exceeded supply on many components. We are doing everything we can to ship within 24 hours of order receipt.For questions, concerns, and inquiries, please contact us via e-mail via info@electrifybike.com.

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