52v 50-AMP 20 Ah Jumbo Shark E-bike Battery
52v 40-AMP 17.5 Ah Jumbo Shark E-bike Battery
52v 50-AMP 20 Ah Jumbo Shark E-bike Battery
52v 50-AMP 20 Ah Jumbo Shark E-bike Battery
52v 50-AMP 20 Ah Jumbo Shark E-bike Battery
52v 40-AMP 17.5 Ah Jumbo Shark E-bike Battery

52v 50-AMP 20 Ah Jumbo Shark E-bike Battery

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Jumbo Shark 21700 cell e-bike battery. The Shark style is popular because it is sleek and looks great. ​52V 20AH e-bike down-tube battery with high capacity Samsung 21700 50G cells and 50 amps output. Removable battery locks to the down-tube for security. This sleek battery packs more than 1040 watt-hours into an attractive package.

This kilowatt-hour battery pack can easily take you 40 to 80 miles, depending on how much power you are pulling. With 50 amps, you can pull over 2500 watts. When you are not drawing high power from the battery, it gives you a more extended range.

The locking case is ruggedly built with cells in a honeycomb lattice. It includes a built-in gauge for charge status, a mini 3-pin charge port, and an on/off switch.

The cells in this battery are high-quality Samsung 21700 50-G high capacity 5000mah cells. We only use grade-A, Certified Genuine, Samsung/Panasonic/LG/Molicel cells.

This battery has a custom BMS that does thermal regulation on amp draws above 40 amps. For maximum battery life, limit continuous amp draws to under 40 amps. Drawing up to 50 amps is okay for short periods.

Comes standard with an Amphenol XT90S anti-spark connector. If you want Andersons, we can do that. Just request it in the notes on the checkout page.

Includes battery mounting cradle with 12 cm XT90 pigtail.

Features include:

  • Jumbo Shark includes metal mounts, beefed-up plastic tabs, a rugged case
  • 56 Samsung 21700 50G cells protected in an internal honeycomb lattice
  • Built-in battery state of charge gauge.
  • Mechanical locking key switch for security
  • Push Button 4 LED charge level indicator
  • Installs to Water Bottle eyelets on the downtube (Triple Bob optional)
  • XT-90 Connector for Power
  • Fits in many frame types - (Print template to gauge fit)
  • Dimensions (L-W-H) 368 mm, 95 mm, 125 mm
  • Long range  (40–80 miles typical)
  • New Reention mini-3-pin connector for a more robust, more reliable charge port

UN38.3 safety certification.

2 amp, 4 amp, 1-5 amp, and  80/90/100%-charge, charger options.

More info on Electrify Bike 52v batteries:

Batteries from Electrify Bike Company utilize the latest 21700 cell technology from the leading brands making safe Lithium-ion cells. The cells we use are all top-of-the-line high-capacity/high-power cells from Samsung, Panasonic, LG, and Molicel. You won't find batteries of the same size with higher capacity because we use the highest capacity cells available in all our batteries. 

The cells are more expensive but worth it in performance and peace of mind. Using high-quality cells, BMS, and build quality, ensures that our batteries are as safe as possible. We still use 18650 cells in our low-profile Super Shark battery to keep it as low-profile as possible to fit in more frames.

All our 52v batteries except the Super Shark can deliver an astounding 50 amps of power. That is over 2500 watts! Very few motors use anywhere near that power, which means the battery will run cooler and last much longer than a battery rated at or near the same power as the motor.

52v batteries are the most popular batteries we sell, and they are often the best choice for 48v motors, including batteries for Bafang BBSHD, BBS02 48v motors, and Tongsheng TSDZ2 48v motors. They are also the most popular battery for CYC Photon, Stealth, and X1 Pro mid-drive motors. 

Here is an article providing information on 52v vs. 48v batteries.