52v 50-AMP 25Ah Mega Shark E-bike Battery
52v 50-AMP 25Ah Mega Shark E-bike Battery
52v 50-AMP 25Ah Mega Shark E-bike Battery
52v 50-AMP 25Ah Mega Shark E-bike Battery

52v 50-AMP 25Ah Mega Shark E-bike Battery

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Mega Shark e-bike battery. 52v 25AH 50 amps continuous. This is the newest and largest shark case for 21700 battery cells. The cells are Samsung 21700 50G's mounted within a structurally sound honeycomb lattice. The charge port is the reliable mini 3-pin connector and it includes an on/off switch. We include a $30 Triple Bob mount bracket to provide a rock-solid mounting platform and improve your mount position options. More about the Triple Bob here. This battery is large enough that it is a rare full-suspension bike that will take it but it is a great high-power, long-range option for most hard-tails.

The Shark style is extremely popular because it looks great. ​52V 25AH e-bike down-tube battery with high capacity Samsung 50G cells and a whopping 50 amps output. Removable battery locks to the down tube for security. This battery packs 1300 watt-hours into a tight and attractive package. That is equivalent to two Bosch or Yamaha batteries for less than half the price. The Mega Shark is the most recent addition to the super rugged and proven Shark family of ebike batteries. They all share the same mount cradle, so you use different sizes on the same bike.

The cells in this battery are high-quality Samsung 50G high capacity 5000mah cells. We only use grade A certified genuine Panasonic/Sanyo/LG/Samsung cells.

Features include:

  • Jumbo Shark includes metal mounts, beefed-up plastic tabs, a thicker case
  • 70 35E or GA cells protected in honeycomb internal lattice
  • More flexible mounting with extra mount slot at the rear of mount cradle.
  • Mechanical locking key switch for security
  • Push Button 4 LED charge level indicator
  • Installs to Water Bottle eyelets on the downtube (Triple Bob optional)
  • XT-90 Connectors for Power
  • Fits in many frame types
  • Long range  (35-70 miles typical)
  • New mini-XLR stronger, more reliable charge port
  • Size: L=367mm, W=95mm, H=156mm
  • Size inches LWH = 14 1/2" x 3 9/16" x 5 9/16"
  • Weight: 13lbs 12oz
  • UN38.3 safety certification.
  • 2 amp and 4 amp, and 1-5 amp charger options are available.

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