500W Pure Sine-Wave Inverter for 48-52v Batteries
500W Pure Sine-Wave Inverter for 48-52v Batteries
500W Pure Sine-Wave Inverter for 48-52v Batteries

500W Pure Sine-Wave Inverter for 48-52v Batteries

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500W Pure Sine-Wave Inverter for 48-52v Batteries

This 500W pure sine-wave inverter is designed specifically for 48-52v ebike batteries, providing powerful, reliable, and efficient power conversion. The pure sine-wave output guarantees smooth output current and maximum compatibility with your appliances. Enjoy dependable electricity supply even under challenging conditions.

Use your ebike battery for 110v AC electric power.  You spent a lot of money on those ebike batteries and they hold a lot of power.  Leverage your investment by letting them power your AC appliances while traveling or for emergency AC power at home in the event of a power outage.  For a total off-grid power solution for both your bike transportation and you AC appliances couple this with the Electrify Bike Sun200 solar charging system. This 500-watt inverter plugs directly into your ebike battery and supplies 500 watts of electricity to power lights, TVs, radios, USB chargers, etc.  

Comes with your choice of Anderson power pole connectors or XT-90 connectors depending on the type your ebike battery uses.  Works with 48-volt and 52-volt batteries that can sustain over 10 amps continuous output.  You can disconnect the battery from the motor on your ebike and plug in the inverter or you can get an optional mount cradle with Anderson or XT-90 connectors so you can take the battery inside or wherever you need it.  If you have a mini-cube battery or other rectangular PVC battery, you do not need a mount cradle.

EBC 500W Pure Sine-Wave Inverter Specifications:

  • Input DC voltage 48V / 52V
  • Voltage range 42-63VDC
  • No load current draw 0.6A 0.35A 0.2A
  • Efficiency > 90%
  • Output AC voltage 100/110/120VAC
  • Continuous power 500W
  • Surge power 1000W
  • Waveform Pure sine wave
  • Frequency 60Hz
  • USB Output 5VDC 1A
  • AC regulation 3%
  • Protection Low voltage alarm 44VDC±1V
  • Low voltage shut down 42VDC±1V
  • Short circuit Shut off output automatically
  • Over load Shut off output 
  • Over voltage shut down 63±1V
  • Over thermal Shut off output automatically
  • Working temperature -10℃ and +50℃
  • Working humidity 20%~90%RH 
  • Storage temperature -30℃ ~ +70℃
  • Size(L*W*H)mm 230*142*65
  • Net weight KG 1.01