Box Prime 9 E-bike Drivetrains


are the perfect setup for electric bike riders, particularly those seeking a high-performance and reliable drivetrain system. Here are some key advantages of BOX PRIME 9 X-WIDE SINGLE SHIFT E-BIKE GROUPSETs:

  1. Wide Gear Range: The P9 X-WIDE SINGLE SHIFT E-BIKE GROUPSET features a wide gear range, allowing riders to conquer various terrains and gradients. With nine gears in the rear cassette and a single chainring at the front, riders can find the perfect gear for steep climbs and high-speed descents. If your bike had multiple chainrings before your ebike conversion, this groupset would compensate for going to one chainring with your mid-drive conversion by providing a huge gear range in the rear.
  2. Simplified and Reliable Shifting: The single-shift system of the P9 X-WIDE groupset eliminates the shear forces caused by multi-shift shifters on the chain and gears. This simplification reduces the chances of mechanical issues, simplifies maintenance, and enhances overall reliability. Shifting is smooth and precise under ebike loads, ensuring consistent performance during rides.
  3. Durability and Strength: The BOX PRIME 9 X-WIDE SINGLE SHIFT E-BIKE GROUPSET is built to withstand the demands of electric bikes. The components are designed with durability and strength in mind, ensuring reliable performance even under high torque and power output. The chain, cassette, and chainring are engineered for longevity and resistance to wear.
  4. Compatibility: The P9 X-WIDE groupset is compatible with a wide range of electric bike setups, including mid-drive motors. It can be easily integrated into existing electric bikes or used for new e-bike conversions. The compatibility extends to various frame designs, making it a versatile option for different electric bike configurations.
  5. Performance at a Competitive Price: The BOX PRIME 9 X-WIDE SINGLE SHIFT E-BIKE GROUPSET offers high-performance features at a competitive price point. Riders can enjoy the benefits of a wide gear range, reliable shifting, and enhanced chain retention without the premium price tag associated with some other drivetrain systems.

Overall, the BOX PRIME 9 X-WIDE SINGLE SHIFT E-BIKE GROUPSET provides electric bike riders with a reliable, high-performance, and cost-effective drivetrain solution. With its wide gear range, simplified shifting, enhanced chain retention, durability, and compatibility, it enhances the overall riding experience and meets the specific demands of electric bike enthusiasts.