Electrify Your Cruiser Mid-Drive Motor Kit

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Cruiser bikes are extremely popular due to their comfortable pedaling and upright orientation. The only thing missing is an electric motor. If your ride includes hills or you just want to go further faster a cruiser is a great bike to electrify.

This is the kit to get if you want to feel like you are pedaling with super powers. With the torque sensing mid-drive motor you can dial in the level of assist you want and at each level the motor assist will be proportional to how hard you pedal. If you have long steep hills or like the idea of torque sensing peddle assist, get the Electrify Your Cruiser Mid-drive Motor Kit.

*Compatible with the Townie­­® Bicycles (Pictured here)

*Compatible with KHS Smoothie

Installation video

Installation manual

The Cruiser kit includes standard:

TSDZ Motor 250-750W Pedal Assist (Torque Sensing)

Throttle (not included for coaster brake for safety)

Mechanical Brake Cutoffs

Ebike Display

Speed Sensor

Crank Arms

36V or 48V 6Ah Mini Cube Battery (determined by Townie model compatibility)

36V or 48V 2A Smart Charger (determined by Townie model compatibility)

B.V. Saddle Bag (for battery)

Bottom Bracket Wrench

TSDZ2 Wrench

Crank Puller

Additional Wiring Harness for Battery

*TOWNIE is a registered trademark of Trek Bicycle Corporation.

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