Dual Battery Module 20-72v / 40A
Dual Battery Module 20-72v / 40A

Dual Battery Module 20-72v / 40A

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High Amp dual battery module.  This module hooks up two batteries of the same nominal voltage in parallel and combines their amps when their voltages are the same. It can be used to increase capacity for more range and to increase amperage for more power.

If the voltages are not the same when they are hooked up, the module will draw only from the higher voltage battery until its voltage is the same as the other battery, and then it will combine the two batteries and draw them down the rest of the way together.

The amps of the two batteries can equal up to 40 amps. If your motor can't handle that much power, don't worry.  Your motor will only take what it needs.  If your motor draws more than 40 amps, you will want the 120 amp version of this module.

This module can be used with batteries that are close to nominal voltage. For example, you can use it with a 48v and a 52v battery.  This is because they have a substantial overlap in voltage range.  They overlap in the range of 42v to 54.6v.  If you hook up a fully charged 52v and 48v battery, the module will draw from the 52v battery from 58.8v to 54.6v when it will then combine the two batteries in parallel and draw from them both.

  • Wire 2 Batteries in Parallel / Double Capacity
  • Maximum output current: 40A
  • Voltage: 24-72V 
  • Must be used with two batteries of the same or similar voltage range (48v/52v)
  • Dimensions: 2 7/8" L x 1 3/4" W x 5/8" T (73 mm L x 44 mm W x 16 mm)
  • It has 3" long leads.