TSDZ2 Inside Motor Core
TSDZ2 Inside Motor Core

TSDZ2 Inside Motor Core

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Motor windings

TSDZ2 Inside Motor Core

Replacement inside motor core for Tonsheng TSDZ2 and TSDZ2b motors.

If run continuously above 450 watts, the TSDZ2 will overheat and eventually burn up.  You will be able to see discoloration and a burned smell if this is the case. We recommend setting max amps at 10 and max watts at 450.  However, you can run this motor at higher watts up to about 800 for short distances - less than 5 or 10 minutes safely if you watch the watts on the display.

OSF firmware allows these motors to run any voltage from 24 to 52v regardless of the voltage of the motor. This all works fine. It is the wattage that determines if you burn up the motor or not.  Tongsheng makes two versions of this motor core, 36v and 48v.  36v has fewer windings and spins faster at a given voltage. 48v has more windings, spins slower at a given voltage, and has slightly more torque at lower cadences. The foregoing was determined mathematically by the OSF engineers.

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