XT90 Battery Extension Cables
XT90 Battery Extension Cables

XT90 Battery Extension Cables

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Battery extension cables from 1ft to 3ft.

Connectors are XT90 male and XT90 female Spark suppression.  For extending power cables for batteries up to 50 amps. 10AWG or 12AWG silicon cable with XT90 male and XT90 female connectors. Flexible and high-temperature silicone insulation with black shrink tube covering. Comes in 1ft. (30cm), 2ft. (60cm), and 3ft. (90cm) lengths.

For mounting batteries further away from the bottom bracket.  Extensions are usually not required if you mount your shark or other battery near the bottom of your downtube near the bottom bracket.  For a saddlebag battery, measure from the bottom bracket to the bottom of the saddle to determine the extension length.


  • Wire gauge choices: 12AWG, 10AWG
  • Connectors: AMASS XT90 Male / XT90 Female with anti-spark
  • Insulation: High-temperature Silicone with Shrink Tube
  • Lengths: 1ft. (30cm), 2ft. (60cm), and 3ft. (90cm)