Complete Controller & 860C Display for TSDZ2 Open Source Firmware (OSF)  Upgrade

Complete Controller & 860C Display for TSDZ2 Open Source Firmware (OSF) Upgrade

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Upgrade to the Open Source Firmware (OSF) without any cable splicing and optionally without any programming. Complete upgrade kit with controller and 860C display ready to go. Controller and 860C optionally flashed with latest v20.1C.4 OSF Upgrade. 1T4 main harness cable included. (Choice of throttle and brake cut-off sensor also available on this product page.)

Hardware Included:

  • TSDZ2 250-750W 8-pin controller 
  • 1 to 4 main harness cable 
  • 860C Display 

The 1 To 4 main harness cable enables the use of all of the bafang throttles and brake cutoff sensors.

We are currently loading TSDZ2 OSF version v20.1C.4. 

Controller installation: The upgrade is a mostly straightforward and easy operation. You just take off the motor cover and the plastic cover under the chainring. Then you can see the controller and the rest is fairly obvious. The only part that is a little bit tricky is prying out the rubber plug around the cables where they pass through a hole in the motor body. Here is a video showing how to remove it. from 2:30 to 4:20.


Thanks to the TSDZ2Open Source Firmware developers:

The developers of the TSDZ2 OSF Upgrade are talented engineers. They developed this TSDZ2 augmenting firmware with a huge investment of their time as a public service to promote ebike use and environmentally friendly transportation.